Gardenia Apartments

WordPress website developed for the company Aviv Arlon. Aviv Arlon is one of the largest real estate companies in Israel, engaged into top-grade real estate development and construction since 1963, the company specializes in advanced building techniques and has developed more than 50 projects all over Israel, the USA and Europe: residential, commercial, and public building projects as well as various infrastructures in Israel and worldwide.

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CMS website developed for Buy&Smile company. This application is based on CodeIgniter framework.

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Free App Each Day

WordPress website developed for the BasyBoyApps. BasyBoyApps is a company that is dedicated to enhancing the user experience of iPhone and iPad users by providing high quality products and services.

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WordPress website developed for the SoundRay. SoundRay is the exclusive agent of many leading brands, L Acustic, XTA, MC2, DTS Lighting Microphones DPA.

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WordPress website developed for the company Zomont. Zomont is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of furniture in Serbia.

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Cellulite Expert

WordPress website developed for Cellulite Expert. Cellulite Expert is an authorized center for prevention, treatment of cellulite and anti-aging.

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TW Pagination

This is a simple and flexible pagination plugin which allow better navigation on your WordPress site.

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TW Disable Revisions

With this plugin you will disable revision functions in WordPress and delete all entries of revisions in database.

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WordPress website developed for Arhipelag - publishing house. Arhipelag publishes most outstanding books from the fields of contemporary literature, historiography, political theory, economy, philosophy, and lexicography.

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Gorki List

WorPress website developed for Grenki list licenciranje d.o.o.

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